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Library Cells LIB

Zpolar Tunnel Logic (ZTL)

The Bizen cell libraries including the Zpolar Tunnel Logic (ZTL) family, patented and unique to SFN. These go back two to three decades to create ZTL which takes the advantage of the Bizen tunnel mechanics and the Zpolar transconductance to create incredible space saving and mV hair trigger inputs negating the problems of capacitance producing an output of the ZJT which is very, very fast and nearly square, even with a slow slew input.


The compound combination of the Bizen wafer process, Zpolar Transistor and Zpolar Tunnel Logic ZTL creates the Infrastructure time machine ITM. See an article on how a fab can take advantge of the ITM Fab- using an Infrastructure Time Machine ITM.  

See an article of Bizen ZTL Bizen the results (ten years back to the future) ZTL vs CMOS



Process Of Reference

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The process of reference ‘POR’ defines the physics of the Bizen wafer process.



Process Development Kit

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The process development kit, PDK, are the Bizen devices PDK including the Zpolar Transistor and tunnels.



Library Cells

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The Bizen cell libraries including the Zpolar Tunnel Logic (ZTL) family.